„Putevi Invest“ d.o.o. Užice, concrete plant in Stalać, has been a manufacturer of the reinforced concrete sleepers since 1950. Since then, we have been producing several types of sleepers, using different types of equipment, in total 3.000.000 pieces.


Starting from 2008, the new generation equipment is used. The annual capacity is 200.000 sleepers. The equipment is based on the principle of closed circle „KARUSEL“ where the batteries of 4 individual molds are traveling, and where the following operations are performed:

  • molds lubrication;
  • placement of the fastening material elements;
  • placement of already prepared reinforcement;
  • prestressing;
  • concreting;
  • vaporization in chambers;
  • prestressing force release;
  • shaking out;
  • installation of track equipment; and
  • storage.


The management and control is computerized (prestressing and vaporization cycle). The mentioned sleeper type enables the use of different elastic fastening material (PANDROL, SKL) and different rails (UIC 60, S 49).


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